Mother Of All Rallies Pt 2

January 16th, 2022  |  Published in people, photography, research, research

September 16, 2017, saw the National Mall in Washington DC flooded with dozens (dozens!) of nativists, militia members and other fascists fresh from participating in the attack on Charlottesville one month prior. Of particular note is the attendance by members of the Missouri chapter of American Guard, which is led by Vinlanders Social Club honcho Brien James. VSC and James were major fixtures in the first iteration of net-savvy nazis, and VSC itself is a criminal organization involved in murder and drug trafficking. In the gallery below, please take note of several things:

  • The unnamed “blue polo khaki pants” militia are operating as a single unit, but while their shirts appear to be the same make and color, their pants are different colors and styles.
  • The individual identified as attending UTR at Charlottesville was there as a member of the Pennsylvania Light Foot militia, and here he is working with other militias.
  • Both the Blue Polo Shirt Militia and the PALF member are carrying Baofeng radios. One of the Blue Polo Shirt militia members placed yellow tape over the screen of their radio so not to display their operational frequency. The other members did not follow suit, which only draws more attention to the other radios. In any event, none of these radios were switched on.
  • The hat patch is a generic “molon labe” flag patch purchased from any number of internet merchants.
  • It is notable to see blatant displays of neo-nazi fashion, especially older ones such as displayed by Bonehead and his friends.

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